3d transparent film packaging machine


3d transparent film packaging machine

March 27, 2023

3d transparent film packaging machine
3d transparent film packaging machine its main role includes: on the basis of ensuring the quality of packaging machine, the manufacturing cost of packaging machine, production technology preparation cost to the minimum, so that the equipment has a comparative advantage in price, improve market competitiveness; The equipment technical documents can reflect the production technical requirements and design ideas, which can avoid the low quality and other losses caused by the inadequate drawing design. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the equipment technical documents. According to the material, about 70% of the cost of the packaging machine is determined by the design. The proportion of the cost of the design work is much less than that of the manufacturing cost. Then there is to ensure the nature of the packaging machine function, the design of the product needs to achieve the specified goal in technology, to meet the needs of users


In the daily maintenance of equipment, it should be noted that the surface of the 3D packaging machine should be painted once every 3 months for protection; The surface needs to be brushed every day to keep it free of dust. It is necessary to use the 3D packaging machine correctly to avoid unnecessary trouble and ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment. Users need to be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle and operation points of 3D packaging machine. The mechanical and electrical department is responsible for installing and debugging the sealing machine, and organizing personnel to repair and eliminate equipment faults in time. The workshop supervisor is responsible for the supervision, the operator correctly and reasonably use the sealing machine and daily maintenance work. Do not put your hands on the hot cloth during the work to prevent hand injury. When the operation is finished, tidy up the unneeded east four and set it aside.


Packaging can provide protection for products from external environmental pollution, the use of three-dimensional packaging machine can not only play a good protective role, but also improve the viewing degree of products, increase its added value, in the future, the application of various industries will be more extensive.