What is cellophane wrapping machine?

What is cellophane wrapping machine?

A cellophane wrapping machine is a type of packaging machine that is specifically designed to wrap products using cellophane film. Cellophane is a thin, transparent, and flexible material made from regenerated cellulose. It is commonly used for packaging items such as gift baskets, boxes, confectionery, cosmetics, and other similar products.

Cellophane wrapping machines automate the process of wrapping products in cellophane, providing a tight and secure packaging solution. These machines typically consist of a conveyor system or platform that moves the products to be wrapped, a cellophane film roll holder, cutting mechanisms, and heat-sealing elements.

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Automatic cellophane over wrapping machine

This machine is widely used in the middle package collection or single box fully enclosed automatic packaging of various box items in the industries of medicine, food, key products, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, poker, etc. The products packaged by this machine have the functions of "three prevention and three enhancements", that is, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, and dust-proof; improve product quality, increase product added value, and improve product appearance and decoration quality. The machine adopts imported PLC control and an integrated operation system of machine and electricity.

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