What is shrink packaging machine?

A shrink packaging machine, also known as a shrink wrapper or shrink wrap machine, is a device used to package products by tightly wrapping them in shrink film and applying heat to shrink the film around the item. This process creates a secure, protective, and visually appealing package.

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What is a fully automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine?

The fully automatic heat shrink film packaging machine has high working efficiency and is suitable for packaging products of various sizes and shapes. The machine is used in conjunction with a fully automatic heat shrink wrapping machine to complete the sealing and shrinking process. The difference between it and the semi-automatic L-shaped sealing and cutting machine is the electromechanical eye sensor, automatic film feeding, and manual film feeding of the semi-automatic sealing and cutting machine.

Application Fields of Shrink Packaging Machines: Diverse Industries

Shrink packaging machines find applications in various industries. They are commonly used in food and beverage packaging, including bottles, cans, and food trays. Shrink packaging is also prevalent in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for packaging products like medicine bottles, cosmetics, and personal care items. Additionally, shrink packaging machines are employed in the distribution of household goods, electronics, and industrial products.

Advantages of Shrink Packaging Machines: Product Protection and Cost Savings

Shrink packaging machines provide numerous advantages for businesses. Firstly, the shrink film tightly conforms to the product, offering excellent protection against external elements, such as dust, dirt, and moisture. This helps maintain product quality and integrity. Secondly, shrink packaging reduces the need for additional packaging materials, resulting in cost savings for businesses. The film's shrinkability also allows for efficient use of material, minimizing waste.

Functions of Shrink Packaging Machines: Wrapping and Shrinking

The primary function of a shrink packaging machine is to tightly wrap products using shrink film and apply heat to shrink the film around the item. The machine dispenses the film, wraps it around the product, and seals it securely. The wrapped product then enters a heat tunnel, where the film shrinks uniformly, creating a snug and protective package. This process ensures product integrity and enhances visual appeal.

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Shrink packaging machine widely used in pipe lining work for large quantity package with high work efficiency,installed with pin hole device,adjustable film feeding system and adjustable conveying table,adapted to different width and height of the products. BTA-400 also has the contact function, designed for packing small product.

The length of film feeding,controlled by magic eye and counter,also fixes an inductive motor for collecting wasted film automatically.When pack different sizes of products ,it is simple to adjust,need not to exchange any molds or any bag making device.To pack different size of products together for sales promotion effect.

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