What is sticker labeling machine

What is sticker labeling machine

This machine belongs to the round bottle labeling machine, which can realize the functions of double-sided labeling and circumferential labeling at the same time. Half-week labeling is widely used in the cosmetics industry and daily chemical industry.

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1.The card sorting is stable, and the card sorting rate is much higher than that of ordinary card sorting institutions by adopting advanced sorting-reverse wheel technology.
2.The sub-card labeling speed is high, and the supervision code is applied to the pill box, and the stable speed can reach more than 200 pieces/minute;
3.Wide range of application, can meet the labeling of various cards and paper items, and is suitable for labeling of unfolded cartons.

Scope of Application

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.;
Applicable products: products that require labels or films to be attached to flat and large arc surfaces;
Application industry: widely used in electronics, hardware, plastics, chemical and other industries;
Application examples: cardboard labeling, acrylic film, large plastic parts film, ceramic sheet film, IC card labeling, etc.

Technical Parameter

Suitable size of product: L:40-400mm,W:40-200mm,H:0.2-200mm
Labelling accuracy: ±1mm
Labelling speed: 60-200pcs/min
Machine size: 1600*780*1400mm/piece
Machine weight: 180k
Package: standard ply-wooden case

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A labeling machine is used to dispense or apply labels to various items, products, containers, or packages. Some labeling machines are not only used to dispense or apply labels, but also to print them.

The bottles are sent to the chain plate by the upper assembly line, and the bottles are arranged in equal distances into the photoelectric sensing area through the distance adjustment device. The peeled sticker is attached to the bottle. Another group of photoelectric sensors can limit the delivery of the last label paper in time. In the continuous bottle feeding process, the label paper is correctly attached to the bottle one by one, and after being flattened by the roller, it is automatically output to complete the entire labeling process.

The round bottle labeling machine is specially designed for round bottle labeling, and the flat labeling machine is specially designed for some flat products.Purchasing a labeling machine is mainly to choose a machine for your own products, and to clarify the precision and label size you need, as well as the requirements of some accessories.

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